Trinity Yachts Flagship- The Mustique

4 Yacht is website featuring a myriad of mega yachts, take the Mustique for example, an exquisite vessel that uses a strong but light in weight aluminium in hulling material. Mustique is a type of motor yacht displacement, meaning it is better than a conventional planning motor boat. Her hull designer is Trinity Yachts and it uses the flag of Cayman Island. This yacht is built on the year of 2005 but still looks and feels ageless due to its state of the art material, top notch engineering and craftsmanship, and also a sleek outer body which seamlessly blend with her interior.

The famous Dee Robinson is very well known for his deckdesigns; he designs this yacht with only one thing in mind, top notch precision. During the process of building her, engineers, yachtsmen, and both interior and exterior designers collaborated to produce a single masterpiece to which they named it the Mustique. The extremely impressive engine consist of 2 engine counts, using diesel as their fuel type, produced by only the best engine manufacturer in the world, Caterpillar. With each engine built in the year of 2003 and both having a similar 1645 horsepower, she can cruise through your destinations with ease.

The sole reason on why Mustique is one of the best yachts for sale because of its sheer speed and size, with a cruising speed of 13 knots and a maximum speed of 15 knots, this yacht is perfect to travel from the get go. Besides having minimum draft length of 2 metres, it is also MCA compliant to ensure maximum security and at the same time providing full prudential in reliability. Despite having no cabin captains, it has 6 staterooms with each carpeted or tiled with an intricate design. It also comes with a piano you guest to enjoy the soothing sound of jazz or classical music whilst mesmerising the perfect serene scenery.

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