The Primary Function of electric light switches (sklopke)

The primary function of an electric switch is that of making and breaking of an electric circuit. The electric switch help to interrupt the flow of current through conductors making a circuit open so that current will not reach or flow through to make a complete circuit. The make and design of electric light switches (sklopke) depends solely on the function it is to perform and the type of circuit it will be used in controlling. Switches are required to perform their function in time, as they are to respond to quick commands whether to make or break a circuit.

Switches are not meant to conduct current when they are touched. The whole current configuration and flow happen within the switch, as the material used for the switch must be a very good insulator. Different material is used in making switches and even electric sockets (utičnice). Sockets are meant to serve as junction boxes where electric devices can be plugged to get power. Sockets can serve as multipliers of power sources as they can have multiple outlets depending on the design of the socket. The panel of these electric devices like the electric light switches (prekidač) must be a material that will not hinder the flow of current.

Every material has its own resistivity. The resistivity of the panel of electric devices must be as low as possible especially for systems that require very as quick transfer of signals using current flow. The resistivity of metals generally is lower as compared to nonmetals as resistivity is the inverse of or reciprocal of thermal conductivity. The control of dimmable light switch (dimmer) would such have internal circuit elements with good thermal conductivity so that dimming, making and breaking of circuits can be achieved in real time basis. Switches are not just used as circuit breakers alone but they can also be employed when carrying out repairs of electric connections and devices.

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