Strict regulations followed by tangkas338

Tangkasnet site has managed to hold a unique place as it had been a service generator of wide variety of online game fielding the ball which had become a notable fun filled composite. This amazing online site has been running successfully as it had been following certain regulations and rules like:

• Tangkas338 has been socially responsible and doesn’t allow people below 18 years to join the site
• The transaction amount must be a minimum withdrawal and deposit of 50,000.
• Member should be cautious about maintaining his user ID and password safely such that it doesn’t get into the notice of other people.
• Members should make sure after he makes his deposit in the account so that it get registered within the data of the site otherwise such amount will be considered as donation to the site.
• Money transactions must be done by members only with the associated banks.
• Progressive bonuses that are offered to the members will not be sanctioned further if the member’s account table gets into controversy like being hanged or blocked.
• In the hanging table, a time limit of one hour is given by the site to the member and if he doesn’t happen to place his bet within that period his ID will be exempted out of the table in an automatic style.
• Whenever a player gains bonus coins in jackpot, he may not receive it in case of power shortage
• If there is arousal of any sort of technical problem a span of 24 hours is given in which the problem must be checked out.
• Maintenance issues are handled by the team support between 6:00 am to 9:00 pm on each Thursday of the week.
• This site has got the full rights to cancel the membership of a person who commits any action which is against the rules.
• Transactions can be done only when the concerned bank to which the member is associated is online.

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