A girl just love an Engagement Ring, the bigger the better

Some men regardless of whether they are beasts or knights in shining armor can sometimes make girls fall for them but diamonds-they take women’s breath away not sometimes but always. Women have a unfadable fascination for diamonds. Women of every class with different economic conditions must at least have one diamond jewelry. Even women of non-western culture swoon over diamond jewelry. Most girls/women like to have the unique engagement ring on that special day of her life.

There has always been a certain charm about this rock, diamond is made of ordinary carbon but the way in which the carbon is transformed into diamond is anything but ordinary. Another reason why women love diamonds is the efforts that go into its creation and the huge time required to make them the ideal symbol of eternal love between two hearts. A woman loves diamond because of their value is rather not describable but, cost somehow can compare to the value-added component in a love affair. A diamond on her engagement ring is the perfect art that she is looking for. A gold engagement ring surprises her a little but works most of the time. This is something that will always be with her. This is the present value for diamond but diamond has maintained its value since past. In 1642 a rare huge pink diamond was found which historians believed that it is found in the mines of Golconda.
If women love a diamond, it seems that some men have nurtured this same passion in themselves as in the early 1940s Harry Winston gained attention when he when he booked the last minute flight to Brazil as soon as the Vargas diamond was discovered. Vargas diamond is the sixth largest diamond in the world. When a woman wears a diamond it is a representation of the love her partner has for her in his heart. When you put an engagement ring on her index finger it represents that your love for her is forever just like that rock on her finger.
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