Logs for sale – Fuel, heat, and sustainability

Trust us to keep in your family, the warmth of home; in the literal sense of the word. We are “Lekto Wood Fuels”, your online shop specializing in fuel for fireplaces and wood stoves; our business is heat logs ; we work with biodegradable materials from forests managed under the principle of sustainability and the harmonious relationship with the environment, many of our products are recycled.

Let us show you the comparative advantages of our trunks for sale with respect to the logs extracted by hand; in our products moisture is controlled and ranges between 10 and 5%, while in the crafts these values are higher and variable, which means irregular combustion and excess smoke, among others, with our kiln dried logs records of heat, they are optimal since they can be controlled through the levels of oxygen that you can manage on your stove. On the other hand, we guarantee a complete advice to cover your expectations regarding the performance of the product since these are selected following patterns of controlled measures (in terms of length and diameter of the trunks and briquettes) with which the combustion It keeps continuous and even during the process.

On the other hand, and precisely in the search for that better coexistence with our environment, we have in our stock the novel bark briquettes, from the remains of trees that have been discarded in other uses and are used to be compressed and shaped into heat log in dimensions and forms easily transportable and storable; At present, this type of wood fuel is the most popular not only because of the advantages mentioned above but also because many of them can maintain a longer heat register in time, of up to 8 continuous hours of a uniform flame. We are the best of the best!