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There are miscreants who are penalized for their life time when they indulge in cheating. There are casinos that close fence for wrong moves. Any direct or indirect assistance to the gamblers or to anyone else to do malpractices can make the casino forsake the license. If you are running a casino then you are to follow the rules and regulations without fail. Cyber laws are so strict.
So many rules and regulations are formulated in the industry. The governments are so keen to make money in this channel. The tax levies are higher. Yet, the scrutiny is not less either. It is something like a tight ropewalk for the governments. They are making money in this channel through the heavy taxes. Yet, they are not to encourage this activity much amidst the compatriots. If there is a liking for the short cuts to make money than people may not work hard for their money.
Therefore, the government is equally concerned about that also. They are striking the best balance by making sure that there is enough scrutiny done to ensure unbiased operations in the online gambling casinos online. There are so many casinos that are operating only for a few years or months because of such stringent rules and regulations. The trend has not changed even after so many requests and pleas coming in from the top level politicians, philosophers and so on. So, start to play Real money games now.