The Hat of 5 panels a garment for all times

In today’s world, fashions are modified almost daily, however, there are garments that since its creation have been immortalized in the fashion world and that over the decades are gaining more or less validity, such is the case of the hats, also known as Custom Hats.

The origin of the 5-panel hats as we know it now dates back to 1860 as part of the baseball team uniform and was a garment designed basically to cover the head and protect the eyes from the sun’s rays through a visor that the adjustable base could be flat or rounded to the skull.

As stated in previous paragraphs the Custom 5 Panels were created as sports clothing, but over the years have become an indispensable garment both among the younger and for people of all ages not only as sportswear but also as a complement to the urban fashion style so fashionable in the current styling, it is also widely used as part of the clothing to go to the beach as it provides protection against overexposure to sunlight on eyes and faces .

As can be inferred from the above, the 5-panel hat is today a very versatile garment capable of accompanying us in many scenarios of our lives, giving our appearance a unique style.

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