Online Interaction Is the Best Part of Virtual Communities

Internet technology in the 21st century resulted in creation of virtual communities to interact digitally on different issues pertaining to the society or for some other specific topics, but their role has been much debated since their inception for potential benefits and costs involved in online interaction. Since online forum users play a big role in welfare of the society and to engage for offline civic action, there is no question of its unrewarding benefits for the society. As far the costs are concerned, these discussion groups don’t hold meetings for their discussions and are from all costs of face to face discussions.

Benefits of online discussion
Online interaction is the best way to share ideas, views, opinions, and comments on any issue and it has many advantages in terms of money and price.
• Online debates don’t require physical presence and saves money on holding the meetings of the members for discussion on a certain issue.
• Message can be shared anytime online and other members can interact any moment which is convenient to them.
• Interaction is easier in the form of multiple interactions at the same time unlike meeting where one person can express his view at a time.
• It saves the time required to convene the meeting and spend few minutes or usually hours to discuss the agenda, sharing views individually and to decide the results.
• Online forms don’t need infrastructure to maintain their office where members can come, unite and make discussion on any matter.

The virtual nature of virtual communities in itself is a great advantage which can never be unappreciated. However, there may be certain issues which may not be possible through online interaction, but for pooling of ideas and sharing views, virtual community is the best place.
Online discussion is the best part of virtual community and this can’t be unappreciated in view of its benefits in terms of cost and time.
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