How to Install windows 10 from a flash drive

Maybe your computer does not have a DVD drive, you may need to install Windows 10 on your mini that does not have a Disc drive. Clean installation of windows 10 is possible through using flash drives, but such flash drive must have a 4gig min.

To install windows 10, you require windows 10 ISO files or bootable DVD, flash drive with a minimum of 4GB size (Make sure that you have removed any important file in this flash drive. This is because this drive will be erased during the process). Support computer: you need this in case you don’t have internet access but only have the windows 10 installation disc. You would need this PC to format the flash drive and copy the windows 10 files onto the flash drive. But if you have internet access, you can download windows 10 ISO files directly from Microsoft official site.

1. Insert your flash drive into the technician computer, click on start and select Disk management. Right click on the flash dive partition and format, select FAT32. This will make it bootable. Right click on the flash drive partition and select “mark partition as active”.
2. Using a file explorer, copy and paste the entire contents of the windows 10 DVD into the flash drive.
3. Connect the flash drive to the computer you want to install windows 10 on. Turn on the computer. Open up the boot sequence selection menu and select the option for boot from flash drive. Windows 10 set up would start immediately. Simply follow the installation instructions to install Widows 10.
4. Ensure you are plugged into power all through the installation process. On the last stage, your computer would probably restart a number of times, no fear, its normal. Just don’t make the mistake of pressing any key when it asks to “press any key to boot from flash drive”.
5. In case you don’t have a product key, skip by choosing “I don’t have a product key”.
6. Follow all due instructions and fill in all necessary requirements. Your installation is complete. You may decide to customize to your suit.
7. Remove the USB flash drive.

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