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To ensure easy and safe running in the daily activities, every organization provides best quality work. Talking about the fire safety, the Regulatory Reform Order 2005 has made it a legal obligation for the fire equipment to be properly installed as well as maintain the quality standard. Fire prevention and protection systems should be regularly checked and maintained under the supervision of qualified technicians so that you can rely on us for 24/7. Following the rules and regulations, it is a legal requirement to keep up the ongoing fire maintenance.

Fire Alarm System
According to the British standards, it is mandatory to get the fire alarm serviced within every six months. These service visits can be increased as per the need of it during the fire emergency. This is determined by assessing the fire risks. The assessor will measure the level of risk and recommend you depending on your working practices and fire protection installed currently in the building.
The engineers are well trained and have up to date knowledge of fire alarm maintenance. Moreover, they are well trained to act at the time of jeopardy too. Therefore, it ensures that the work they offer is of high standard and reliable.
By using DRAM one can totally remain at peace about their investment. Moreover, the fire alarm maintenance is compliant with the regulation to meet every standard.
DRAM can include the emergency lighting in your fire alarm maintenance London; contract to maintain the system in accordance with BS 5266-1:2011.

According to the British standard, the fire alarm maintenance system should be serviced by a competent person in every 12 months of the interval. This code states that a “person with the qualification, training, and experience with necessary equipment and information, knowledge of special modus operandi recommended by the manufacturer of extinguisher, to perform various maintenance procedures.”

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