A summary on instagram and its benefits

If you are not an instagram user and you are into social networking, at some point you must have come across instagram photos. Instagram is a simple and fun photo-sharing app. Created by Mike Krieger and Kevin Systrom, it was launched in October 2010. In no time, it created a record by becoming the quickest 1million user site. People like everything that is not too complicated and fun to use. Instagram, like the name hints, allows the users to operate and enjoy results in an instant. You can simply log in, upload your photo and share on other networking sites as well. You can tag your picture, add the location etc. Instagram allows users to connect or link your instagram account to facebook, twitter, flickr, etc and share your pictures beyond your friends and social circle. Users can comment on the photo, ‘like’ it and add onto follow your updates.

Instagram allows you to apply its filters on photos for enhancing the effect. You have a choice of almost 11 differently effective filters. They are normal, X-Pro II, Earlybird, Toaster, Lomo-fi, Valencia, 1977, Sutro, Inkwell, Brannan, Walden, Nashville, Hefe and Lord Kelvin. You can make your picture look retro, or add a futuristic look etc.

Instagram found a place in the business community as well. More brands and business are turning to instagram to increase followers and spread a word on their existence and work. Potential customers can see the photos and watch videos. They can click ‘like ‘or comment on your upload, ask questions etc. Instagram also allows people to ‘follow’. With more number of followers you can reach out to a larger network. Thus reckoning this feature, today businesses prefer to buy real instagram followers. There are many portals and reliable agencies to buy active instagram followers to boost your business profile. click here to get more information buy youtube subscribers.

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